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Max Factor Wild Collection: Step-by-Step How to Get the Wild Look


This season color is back with a bang!  Don’t be afraid to add some fun colors to your makeup wardrobe.  Try this fierce new makeup look perfect for any night out.

“Make-up is meant to be fun and transformational, and this new collection from Max Factor really lets you get creative. With techno-bright and intense taupe eye shades, Max Factor Wild Collection has the colour palette to paint up a high-impact wild look with mega volume lashes to boot.”
– Pat McGrath Max Factor Global Creative Director

Step-by-Step How to Get the Wild Look

1.    Begin by using the Fierce Lime Wild Shadow Pencil and apply it all over the base of the eye.  Run your finger over the color after it’s applied to smooth it out and to get rid of any harsh lines.


“Eye shadow pencils have always been one of my backstage must-haves; specifically for creating high voltage, graphic eye looks like the bold blue wing at Anna Sui SS13. I love these vibrant new Shadow Pencils – shade the lids, line, or highlight the eye; the gel-like texture gives bold colour instantly and they’re so easy to blend. It’s an ideal base for building mega eye looks; just layer the powder shadow on top for increased colour intensity.”
– Pat McGrath Max Factor Global Creative Director

2.    Layer the matching Untamed Green Wild Shadow Pot on top with a small eye shadow brush. Make sure to apply it with a patting motion to allow the shadow to stick to the creamy pencil base previously applied.  This will allow for  the color to be stronger and it will last longer.


“Pencils and shadows can be used separately for a transparent, lighter look – but the pro way is to layer them: matching shadow brushed on top of smudged pencil makes colour pop like never before. Plus, the holding powder is doubled!”

–    Samira Olfat Max Factor Regional Makeup Artist

3.    Using a blending brush (a blending brush looks a bit like a small broom) apply the Auburn Envy Wild Shadow Pot along the crease to add depth to the eye and to blend out where the Untamed Green eye shadow ends.


Using your index finger apply the Pale Pebble Wild Shadow Pot under the brow bone to give a clean finished look.


4.    To really make the eyes pop create a line using the Bold Sapphire Wild Shadow Pencil on the bottom of the eye and generously inside the waterline.  The pearly finish looks stunning!  As well, green & blue compliment each other beautifully and when paired together really demand attention.


5.    Finish off the eyes with 3 layers of the black Wild Mega Volume Mascara on the top and bottom lashes.


“Always save mascara for last. That way, any concealer, powder or eyeshadow that’s accidentally landed on your lashes will be covered up and sealed in leaving them picture perfect and ready for batting.”

– Samira Olfat Max Factor Regional Makeup Artist

6.    Apply Max Factor bronzer on the apples of the cheeks and then sweep upwards along the cheekbones.  Use the same brush (without adding more bronzer to it) and dust it on the temples and jawline to add warmth to the rest of the face.  Use a nude or peach lip color on the lip to allow the eyes to be the main focus of the Wild Look.

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