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Illamasqua Veil Trilogy – Hydra Veil Primer Review

Makeup primers are all the current rage.
What can I say? We are reverting back to conditioning our skins instead of assuming we can cover the underlying problems of our skin with makeup and be on our merry way. I often wonder how I did this before…
In my defense, my skin in its youthful glory was a whole lot better and didn’t require as much makeup coverage as I would now. I’m diverting here, but as of late my quest for skin prep is on full rev and I was recently introduced to Illamasqua’s Veil Trilogy. It sounds pretty boss when you first hear of its name!
The trilogy consists of three primers promising to prime your skin for you ‘creation.’ Going deeper into skincare technology the brand’s latest staple is promising to cater to every skin type.
The three veils are as follows:
Hydra Veil – a clear gel rich in moisture, this primer is ideal for adding a layer of moisture in the ever changing impact of the environment on your skin. Also the cooling effect upon skin application is ideal!
Matte Veil – perfect for a girl like myself who suffers from combination skin, this veil contains the substituent Buteme Glycol to dissolved excess oil and give the harmonious balance girls like myself long for
Radiance Veil – the latest addition to the trilogy, this primer brightens ups the dullness our skin decides to present as well as creating the perfect canvas with its pearlescent formula
Having experience the Hydra Veil, I am sure I’ll be extending my primer collection by including the other two from the Trilogy. With a beautiful, luxurious feel !
My skin certainly feels prepared for my personal makeup creations!

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