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Let’s Talk Spring Chicken, Bouncy, Toned Skin


Starting from 20 years of age, skin loses its natural ability to fight aging factors: Chronological, environmental and hormonal. Skin begins to lack luster, lines and wrinkles appear, and sagging contours begin to weigh down youthful moral.

My philosophy to maintaining youth is: Prevent damage before it happens! Start antiaging skincare regimen as early as possible.


Early Damage Control:

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AminoGenesis Perfect Reflection Anti Aging Serum — Ideal for all skin types this miraculous anti-aging serum combines 4 powerful anti-oxidants (vitamin A, C, D and CoQ10) with 17 plant-derived amino acids. Its water-based formula quickly penetrates, enriching the skin with moisture and skin rejuvenating nutrients making way to an improved, more healthy and youthful skin. Looking deeper into the formula: Vitamin A improves skin elasticity, texture, firmness and smoothness. Vitamin C: Protects collagen from oxidation, reduces dark spots, and helps the skin remain soft and supple. Vitamin D: Improves skin feel and texture being an important factor in rejuvenating new skin cells. CoQ10 is the spark that helps cells create energy and helps preserve vitamin E.


30’s Rescue:

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Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream With this unique anti-ageing skin resurfacing cream you’ll discover the amazing benefits of skin resurfacing without the hefty price tag of lasers or peels. Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy is a powerful yet gentle daily or 3-times-a-week use cream that offers the latest in skin resurfacing technology.


The accumulation of excess dead cells on the surface of the skin gives it a dull, coarse, and blotchy appearance that makes our skin look older than it actually is. Gamma Hydroxy being enriched with fruit acids regenerates skin renewal, refine the skin’s texture and gives the skin a new found radiance. It is suitable for all skin types, though it can particularly benefit ageing, dry and oily skin types. For oily skin, the inclusion of salicylic acid adds the extra bonus of improving blemishes and reducing the appearance of blackheads and white heads, whilst decongesting clogged pores. With regular use you’d see reduction in pore size and clear improvements in skin texture and color.


Looking deeper into the formula: The combination of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids works synergistically to deliver the ultimate in skin renewal and resurfacing. The combined exfoliating actions of AHA’s and BHA’s loosen the ‘cement’ that binds the dead skin in the stratum corneum to accelerate faster shedding of this layer. As, a result you unveil a more youthful glowing, dewy looking complexion within days of using Gamma Hydroxy. An improvement in the appearance of wrinkle depth, acne-scarring and hyper-pigmented areas can be seen in around 3-6 weeks. Combine it with AmionGenesis Perfect Reflection serum twice daily and within few weeks you should enjoy skin that is visibly firmer and smoother, with renewed luminosity.


40’s Bring In The Big Cavalry:

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Le Serum Anti Ageing Anti-Ageing Cellular Serum & Spot Corrector — Looking for ageless appearance, stronger, smoother and glowing with youth skin — look no further this extraordinary serum can virtually re-plump deep wrinkles and plump up the skin. Highly concentrated in lightening active ingredients, it reduces the appearance of stubborn age or sun dark spots while also helping to prevent the appearance of future spots.


Looking deeper into this unique formula packed with innovative ingredients helps boost skin’s own production of the proteins that helps keep skin from sagging. It helps to prevent natural collagen from losing its youthful spring and encourages skin to boost its natural production of collagen. Powered by Ascophyllum (a unique sea plant that actually grows its own protective calcified shell) and other sea-sourced ingredients such as Organic Silicium, this Serum helps the calcium in your skin perform its natural age-fighting tasks with optimum results. Give it four weeks and you’ll be simply astonished with the results!


Unique Products:

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Lierac Lipofilling Nuit – Redensifying Night Cream This ultra-comfortable cream, reinforced with a volumizing botanical extract and enriched with skin-nourishing waxes, works on the surface and deeper layers to intensify the “lifting” and volume-correction effects night after night. This generous cream can restore youthful looking facial volumes and features by stimulating the regeneration of adipocytes. Within four to six weeks of use skin starts to appear less marked by fatigue and you’d start to see plumping and lifting of contours. Looking deeper into the formula: Encapsulated redensifying plant resin acts directly within the epidermis to restore volume. Volumizing peptide and plant extract work to provide heightened volume correction and intense regeneration in the dermis. Essential lavender wax is used for its skin-softening and calming properties. Botanical complex composed of almond and linseed extract delivers targeted nourishing action to the skin cells.


Last But Not Least:

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Work Out & Get More Sleep — Exercise reduces the accumulation of free radicals inside your body, protecting your skin. Seven to nine hours of quality snooze time promotes collagen production and cell repair.


Quit Smoking — Every time you light up, you’re sucking on a wrinkle stick. Smoke is loaded with free radicals that damage healthy skin cells, and pursing your lips around a cigarette can create lines.


Avoid Crash Diets — If you lose weight too fast—generally two pounds per week—you’re probably shedding water, not fat, and that loss tends to first show up in your face. I’ve seen so many women go nuts over a little tummy bulge, only to end up with sagging faces. Instead, whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, stick with a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet made up of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Also, add foods high in zinc, copper and selenium to your plate they’re skin-firming minerals.

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